A Brief description of courses

Principles of Faith I

An in-depth study of the various dimensions of Al-Tawheed, Oneness of God, which is a conceptual, psychological and social imperative: Tawheed fil Dhaat (Oneness in His Being/His Essence), Tawheed fil Sifaat (Oneness in His Attributes, Tawheed fil Khalq (Oneness in His Creation), Tawheed fil Ibadah (Oneness in His worship), Tawheed fil Rububiyyah (Oneness in His Sustainership), Tawheed fil Hakimiyyah (Oneness in His Governance). As a corollary to Tawheed, the concept of Shirk, associating of partners to God will be examined for each of these dimensions of Tawheed. A closer look at the Attributes of God and how they relate to human thankfulness or human ingratitude to the Creator and Sustainer of all things. 4 Credits

Practice of Faith

An examination of the methodology of the practices of faith as manifested in prescribed and recommended acts of worship namely: Salat •Sawm •Zakat•Khums•Hajj•Jihad•Amr bil Ma'ruf•lahya Munkar, Tawalla•Tabarra. - 4 Credits

Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence I

A survey of the constituents of Usul Al-Fiqh, Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence i.e. the correct and valid manner of deducting Islamic Commandments from the original sources i.e. Holy Qur'an, the foundation of Islamic law, the Sunnah i.e. the traditions of the Prophet, Ijma i.e. Consensus of the scholars, and Aql (reasoning), and their individual and collective application in the derivation of Islamic Laws. 4 Credits

Laws of Cleanliness and Purification

A Comprehensive understanding of Ritual Impurities and Purifiers, Ritual Purity (taharah); Ablution (wudhu); Greater Ablution (ghusl); Dry Ablution (tayammum); and Ritual Purity Particular to Women. 3 Credits

Laws of Worship

The philosophy and practice of the Ritual Prayers, types of Ritual prayers viz Congregational (Jama'h); Friday (Jumu'ah); Eid; Special Signs (Ayaat) as well as Travelers' Prayers; Doubts and Errors in Ritual Prayers and Cautionary Prayers. 3 Credits